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5 Reasons Why Brands Should Take Advantage of ERP Software

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software offers a number of benefits to companies across a wide range of industries. From helping you manage your day-to-day activities to handling larger tasks like your supply chain operations and procurement, ERP software is how you successfully integrate these practices into your business.

Taking advantage of ERP software features can fundamentally change how you keep your company organized and profitable. But, you should understand that these systems aren’t one-size-fits-all. Fashion and apparel companies must find ERP software that can meet the unique demands of the apparel industry, as well as their consumers. Aspiring and established brands look to ApparelMagic to help them automate their data in real-time into one accessible, centralized platform.

The implementation of an ERP system may seem complex, but with the right software provider you’ll be guided through important milestones efficiently and seamlessly. 

1. Efficiency

One reason why automation is so transformative to an apparel company is because it eliminates repetitive tasks while also decreasing the risk of inaccuracies that come from manually inputting critical data. ERP software streamlines your business processes to make data collection easier and more accurate than ever before, therefore boosting the efficacy of your brand so that your employees can focus on more business-central tasks such as product creation, selling, and order fulfillment.

2. Better Inventory Management

In the fashion industry, most styles sold to consumers come in a range of colors and sizes, and all of these pieces must be tracked. So, of course, inventory management solutions are a top priority for fashion and apparel brands. ERP software can manage and organize this data into different categories, including season, collection, vendor, sizing, and color. If you receive a large order of items, checking to ensure you can fulfill the order is instantaneous. 

3. Enhanced Collaboration

Because enterprise resource planning software can organize a number of functionalities into a single system, you don’t need to find other solutions for your business. Everyone at the company can input data, access notes, and transfer important information all in one place. Additionally, a majority of ERP systems also feature emailing and messaging capabilities to support better department-wide communication and collaboration efforts.

4. Better Security Measures

In the past, working within one system could mean compromised security, but not anymore. ERP software allows your employees to conduct their jobs from any location and at any time. All of your data is controlled and restricted for enhanced security with user permissions and multi-factor authentication. 

5. Personalized Customer Service

Customer service should be every brand’s top priority. With integrated ERP software, fashion and apparel companies can deliver personalized, exceptional customer service to everyone. If employees can see inventory availability in real-time, they can better advise customers on their purchases. If they notice an item is out of stock, for example, they can immediately notify the customer so they aren’t waiting on a delivery that will be postponed — or worse, never come. Happy customers are repeat customers, after all.

Don’t worry yourself trying to do all of this on your own. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, consider learning more about what ApparelMagic can do for you. When you’re ready, get in touch!