Brandon Ginsberg, CEO of ApparelMagic

Brandon Ginsberg is the CEO of ApparelMagic, the industry’s top apparel management software favored by multinational fashion brands and niche labels alike. Under Ginsberg’s leadership, ApparelMagic provides powerful end-to-end business solutions to apparel companies worldwide. 

Though Brandon Ginsberg is recognized today as an expert at the intersection of fashion and technology, his background is not your typical executive story. It begins in high school when he started working for ApparelMagic at just fifteen years old. 

As a young teenager, Ginsberg offered tech support to ApparelMagic’s founder, John Murphy. Ginsberg’s enthusiasm and tech-savvy did not go unnoticed. When Ginsberg turned seventeen, Murphy tapped him to help revamp their legacy software, an easy decision given Ginsberg’s coding proficiency and knack for providing sound strategic counsel at a young age. With Murphy’s knowledge of the industry and their client’s needs and Ginsberg’s familiarity with modern technology, they worked together to build a more advanced software that would provide unparalleled support to the fashion industry.

Brandon Ginsberg eventually left high school to pursue a full-time software developer position at ApparelMagic. Just one year later, he was made a partner of the business. For nearly a decade, Ginsberg has dedicated his energy, ambition, and passion into making ApparelMagic what it is today: the fashion industry’s first choice for apparel software.

Brandon and ApparelMagic

In 2019, Brandon Ginsberg took over as CEO of ApparelMagic. He now oversees all aspects of the business, including the strategic direction of the company, software development, sales, partner relations, and their marketing efforts.

ApparelMagic’s cloud-based solutions have become their flagship product. What started as a small vision soon became a global sensation. Their software powers ERP, PLM, and CRM for some of the biggest brands in fashion across the globe, and connects with dozens of top apps and service providers including Shopify, QuickBooks, and ShipStation. ApparelMagic’s software enables retailers and brands to maximize their revenue, cut costs, enhance the customer experience, and consolidate their data all into one platform. 

ApparelMagic’s software is built for the apparel industry by experts who understand the nuances of retail, as well as what consumers want out of their shopping experience. It’s a complete business management software that’s been designed to solve the barriers that have always kept retailers and wholesalers from being wholly productive and efficient. Under Ginsberg’s leadership, their apparel software offers affordability, accessibility, and customization that’s unlike any other technology in the fashion sector.

Brandon and ApparelMagic

Brandon Ginsberg has been featured in Forbes and is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) and the South Florida Tech Hub, a non-profit dedicated to cultivating and promoting a community of technology, innovation, and creativity in South Florida.

Outside of his professional ventures, Ginsberg is an advocate for healthy living. He is an avid gym-goer and fitness enthusiast who is also passionate about clean eating. His primary form of exercise is weight lifting, but he also competes in ballroom dancing. His areas of focus include Salsa dancing, the cha-cha, swing dancing, and Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot.

Brandon Ginsberg currently lives in West Palm Beach, Florida with his Pomsky, Jeter.

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